London is calling

We returned to London today, which was a real change of pace from idyllic Dorset. Where did all these people come from???

After a peaceful train ride into Waterloo Station, we hit the Tube and made it to Leicester Square, which is very much like Times Square – with all the same stores. America, we have overrun this place!

We spent the afternoon strolling through Piccadilly and up Regent Street, admiring the shops and seeing the approach of Christmas, with angels swooping over the street, just waiting to be illuminated.

Then it was back home to our hotel in Leicester Square, via Carnaby Street, which has changed mightily since the 60’s when it was the center of Mod and Hip, which then leaked over to our shores. Now it just has a minor mall quality, with very little trend-setting in evidence.

It’s great to be back in the heart of this wonderful city. Every turn can reveal an unexpected treat, or a palace in the distance, with Eros at the center of it all.


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