Upon reflection

After realizing that I ended the blog of our Germany trip on a down note, I wanted to correct any impression that we left the country in a depressed state. (Or perhaps left readers in a depressed state?)

We have returned to more bearable temperatures, and see that spring is on our doorstep. We know that the forsythia are budding in Central Park, the tulips will again bloom in Holland, the lavender will perfume France one more time. The earth will renew itself. (And, on a classical note, Persephone will return again from Hades to visit her mother Demeter and bring forth spring.)

Terrible things were done in the name of Germany, but no country is blameless for the cycles of imperialism that seem inbred in humanity.

We must not forget, but somehow we have to move on. Modern Germany has done a very good job – in my view – of allowing the past to be acknowledged, without glorifying its brand of nationalism or obliterating the nasty bits as though they never occurred.

It is a delicate dance, and one they are trying very hard to manage. I think we need to give them credit for finding a way forward.

Let us all enjoy spring, along with the sense that we can begin again, and that beauty can carpet the earth – at least for one or two seasons.

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