A day to regroup

We had a few hours left in Leipzig this morning and celebrated by having exactly the same brunch we had yesterday, in the same place. (Refer to yesterday’s post for the photographic record.)

This gave me more time to admire a sculpture we passed several times yesterday. Obviously done post-Wall, it contains what are supposed to be insulting exaggerated caricatures of hypocritical leaders of East German Leipzig. The teacher holds a mallet used to pound communist ideology into young heads; the man with the laurel wreath holds the detonator used to destroy one of Leipzig’s prized churches. We don’t get all the references, but it does show Leipzig’s sentiments about the DDR quite handsomely.

Another famous statue shows an ordinary man with one hand in the Nazi salute, the other in the raised Communist fist, and his head down, hoping to live through it all somehow.

Leipzig is filled with shopping arcades that pass through their buildings. One of the most beautiful is the Hansa Haus, filled with lovely shops and beautiful decorations. It was back through grand Augustusplatz to our hotel for a final packing and our train ride to Dresden.

Travel does have its mundane side…

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