The British Museum has not lost its charm

Apologies to the brothers Gershwin, but the British Museum still thrills, particularly as we are flush with our studies of the classical world.

We focused mainly on the Greeks and the Romans today, ranging from the Minoans through to the Hellenistic world, and from the Etruscans to the last emperors of Rome. Will spare you the details, but do revel in some of these treasures, starting with the Rosetta Stone.

Special attention was paid to what is now called the Parthenon Gallery, downplaying the role of Lord Elgin in “preserving” the marbles which found themselves in London, rather than in Athens. Rather sore subject, but always captivating to see them.

Some key objects are now in LA at the Getty, so guess we will have to get there by September if we want to see the rest of the things on our list, like the bust of Alexander the Great. That Alexander continues to get around the known world.

Yesterday was our big celebrity event – going to the taping of Pointless. Yes, it was a thrill, which involved us getting to there first and freezing for 90 minutes, just to make sure we got in. We were entertained by a true eccentric, who has done this four times – and who traveled seven hours to get there. We were humbled by her passion for Pointless, and she did indeed keep Don and me entertained, as the line continued to grow.

We had a lovely dinner prepared by our friend Bernard last night. But otherwise, we have been on the run, which means exciting sandwiches here and there, for those of you who do worry about what we are eating while doing our traveling.

Tonight we see our dear friend Marylouise at the National Theater in the Annie Baker play “John,” where she is taking London by storm. The reviews have been extraordinary, and we are beside ourselves with excitement.

Time for a sandwich and off to the theater!


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