A light day in Lucca

We arrived in much-anticipated Lucca yesterday after our train journey from Siena. The rains arrived slightly after us, so we were at least able to reach our apartment before the downpour.

One of the reasons we had so been looking forward to our stay here was the home we are renting. Owned by an American, it seemed to have all the creature comforts not always found in Italian residences – that is to say, proper task and ambient lighting, along with seating that wasn’t inherited from grandmama’s garage sale.

Well, we got our wish in spades. We are inhabiting a designer-decorated apartment that must be available to be photographed by shelter magazines of any country. Everything is perfectly à la mode, but maybe just a little too perfect. The space does not need us to complete it. In fact, our things are a bit in the way. But it is very lovely.

The bed is ultra-comfy and the built-in music system is very soothing. We will shortly get used to this high style and be unfit for anything else.

We slept quite late today, but were able to make it by 11:00 to our hair appointments just downstairs. Missions accomplished, we then rendez-voused for lunch.

We won’t be doing too much exploring in Lucca today, as the rains have come back with a vengeance. So it’s curl-up-with-a-book time until we go to a long-planned musical event this evening. What will we be seeing? Opera? Choral group? Chamber orchestra?

Just wait and see.

Don’s Food Corner

In the pouring rain — both yesterday evening and today for lunch — we were in no mood to venture too far from a cozy apartment.  We just landed in the closest restaurants and only selected tried and true classics. No unknown local specialties.

Last night I stayed with cheese-filled ravioli with a plain tomato sauce. Not bad. Home-made, which was a surprise. And today I did ravioli again, this time with meat ragu. The ravioli was also homemade and maybe slightly better than last night.

Jo tried a chicken scallopine (!) with lemon sauce and mashed potatoes last night.  (A little bland.) And today an excellent mushroom risotto.  I think we’re entering risotto land so we’ll be doing taste tests on that classic.

Otherwise, we’re taking the day off.

2 thoughts on “A light day in Lucca

  1. The apartment is just lovely! That restaurant had two tablecloths AND a place mat. The pasta better be home made.

  2. You are a great judge of restaurants. And BTW, this apartment was on “House Hunters International,” just to give it that extra cachet.

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