It was good enough for Mussolini

A sister city to Fort Lauderdale in the U.S., Rimini has long been a seaside resort. We are still on the Adriatic, enjoying the town that was the birthplace of Fellini, and the second home of Mussolini. 

The Mussolini connection is just one reason this place was very heavily bombed in WWII. Most everything dates from then, and there are very few Roman ruins left to see but there are 1,000 hotels.

But what is here seems like a cross between Miami Beach (sorry, Ft. Lauderdale) and Wildwood, NJ. In other words, not the level of class that we left in Pesaro. But it’s fun and lively, and – once the season opens next week – it must be packed with tourists.

We had a lazy afternoon. I investigated the beach (very windy!) and our hotel pool (nice!) while Don did his due diligence around the town. Fun place to spend a day…

Don’s Food Corner

After pigging out on what was going to be our last day of the best hotel breakfast buffet of our trip, we had little interest in food until late in the afternoon. But we settled for an indifferent pizza and for Jo an indifferent (but ubiquitous) wiener schnitzel.  The mixed salad was equally indifferent. Even the cherry tomatoes, usually so flavorful in other parts of Italy, were flavorless.

The highlight, however, was a bottle of local white wine –Trebbiano. Remember Friends and Joey Tribbiani?  A relationship?




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