Time for a break

As Puerto Rico seems to be going broke, we thought it our civic duty to lend some support. If, in the meanwhile, we happened to get a week of sun and absolute relaxation out of it, that seemed like a fair tradeoff!

There’s just something about reading a book underneath a palm tree that just enhances the experience. And we got a lot of enhancement this week.

But we didn’t spend the entire week sun worshipping. No, we spent an afternoon strolling through Old San Juan, taking a look at the colonial remnants, which even include the tomb of  Ponce de León, who died in 1521. Lots of history here, though most of it seems very sad.

And then there is the music. It seems to be mother’s milk to Puerto Ricans, who have it streaming out of every electronic orifice. Guess that is intended to make up for lots of other things.

Good luck, Puerto Rico. Try to keep on dancing.

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