The un-blizzard of 2016

This past weekend, New York City was hit with almost 30 inches of snow.  Snow-mageddon!!!! The end of the world as we know it, and no milk or bread on the grocery shelves.But you won’t see any blizzard photos from us. Nope.

By sheer luck, we were in South Florida during the relevant days, and were able to depart as planned, with all airports and airlines functioning again. Couldn’t have planned it better, Don!

Thanks to the blizzard, we will have to admit it was less than tropical. (Just saying that to make New Yorkers feel better.)  Who cares? Our temporary home was an incredible perch over the ocean. And it was great to put our feet in the Atlantic and walk the beach. But best of all, we got to visit two very dear friends and one of our favorite dogs, and we had a perfectly wonderful time catching up on our lives.

Sometimes, you just get very lucky. Let it snow!

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