Finding our New York rhythm

It’s been two weeks since our return and we are sliding back into home and the city quite comfortably – though it is disconcerting to find places gone, moved or otherwise different than we left them in New York. Why, we feel like tourists!

And just like tourists, we have been busy enjoying a fabulous fall by doing a lot of walking around. New York is looking great.


And like tourists, we used our time to “take in some shows.” Charles III kept us in touch with the UK; Ripcord gave us the chance to see a dear friend in a starring role; tonight we see Curious Incident; tomorrow, The King and I. But not to neglect the other performing arts, yesterday we saw the Big Apple Circus, with its theme of travel around the world in the 1920’s. Magic!

The circus is tucked away in a corner of Lincoln Center, which was looking lovely. We also went across Broadway to Daniel Boulud’s Épicerie, just to get a bit of French flavor. Close, but at three times the French prices.

The first excitement of our return was seeing my niece, who came all the way from LA to walk in the Avon 39 two-day hike around New York City. She did it – along with a lot of ladies sporting pink – despite a nippy day on Sunday, as she was walking with a friend right past the end of our block. Californians just don’t understand fall weather.

And now it’s Halloween time. Our neighborhood is appropriately decorated for the holiday, and, spooky as that is, it’s great to be home. More New York adventures will be coming to this space, as we will be keeping our tourists hats on till our next trip.

Go know New York!

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  1. I made the blog!!! NY Fall is definitely different than a Californian one… but even the New Yorkers were cold so mine weren’t the only frozen bits out there.

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