Our Beatles coda

There was one more experience left for us in Liverpool today. We booked our visit to both John and Paul’s houses, as one cannot simply just appear at their doors, as fans did in the good old days.

The homes are owned and managed by the National Trust, and are incredibly well done.

Beatles experts know that John was raised at Mendips by his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George, and understand the complications of his relationship with his mother. The last thing his aunt wanted was for him to hang around with boys as ‘common’ as both Paul and George, but she couldn’t stop the force of their passion for rock and roll, and their dedication to their art. No photos allowed, but being in the house done as it was when he lived there, and seeing the bedroom where he would go ‘to dream’ was just stunning.

Paul’s family, on the other hand, was very musical, very encouraging, and they sound like they were a lot more fun to be with, so the boys spent a lot of time there, and even had a room with a drum kit to practice in. Who needs a dining room? This too was a very moving experience, lovingly presented.

Liverpool has more to offer than the Beatles, but they do the Beatles’ story very well indeed. This was a great¬†experience.

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