At last, we have Paris

The best for last? No, we have learned that there is so much to see and love in France that Paris is merely the last delicious morsel to enjoy.

It’s wonderful to speed down the streets from the Gare Lyon – with a cabbie┬ádriving – and seeing places we remember and have already enjoyed. (Kathy and Roger – our boulangerie in the Marais is still doing well.) We arrived promptly from Mulhouse into a rainy Sunday afternoon. But who cares? It’s Paris!

We are staying next to the Opera, but the music we heard today was far from classical. The Brazilian Day parade could be heard coming from blocks away, and its energy swept people right into the streets. Seemed just like being in New York.

We strolled the streets and remembered other trips that we have loved here. (One of the hotel staff asked us if this is our first trip to Paris, and we learned that we first came here when her mother was three years old. And no, we did not see Napoleon crowned on that trip.) What a gorgeous city, and what energy it has. We are ready to just move in.

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