You always hurt the one you love…

We have now toured Orléans and have been immersed in their respect for Jeanne d’Arc. She is everywhere in this city, which she liberated from those English.

This city is much prettier than we expected, and it has a lovely star configuration like Paris, with the statue of St. Joan at its center, radiating out along all the avenues. The statue has a series of bronze reliefs at its base which capture key moments in her life, beautifully done.

The cathedral is magnificent, and full of the story of Joan and her mission.

We also went to the reconstruction of the house she stayed in while in Orléans, which gives the chronology of her life and the monarchs who battled around her.

Next we toured the archaeological museum, which holds lots of Joan iconography.  There is also the old city hall, which was once a royal palace in which François II died. Now you can rent it out for weddings.

So Joan of Arc is once more on our minds. What a sad end to her story, which has now devolved to the levels of souvenirs. Gone but not forgotten, at least in Orléans.

2 thoughts on “You always hurt the one you love…

    1. We do realize it was the English who tried and burned Joan, but the French seemed to do little to prevent it or object. It became politically imperative later – too late to save her – to declare her innocence, in order to validate the throne of Charles VII, but he was a poor friend to her when he could have returned her support. It’s complicated and very sad…

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