The lure of Giverny

It would appear that seeing Monet’s house and gardens is on every single tourist’s list of things one must do in France. 

And it would be understandable.

The gardens are simply spectacular and the house is charming. We all know the views from his paintings, and have gloried in the water lilies that now hang in museums around the world.

We followed all the best advice and arrived before the crowds arrived, and actually had many parts of the gardens to ourselves at the beginning of our visit. But then the tours hit with force. If there is any merit in my photos, it is that I was able to get so many without a parade of people in them.

The flower gardens were just stunning, and so radiant on a gorgeous summer day.

The water garden is astonishing, and feels as though it is a world unto itself.

And then there is the house, which is so charming. We started in the gift shop because it was Monet’s final studio, and because we had the luxury of seeing it empty – which is not the case for most of the day. The rest of the house features reproductions of Monet’s work and that of his friends.

All in all, it was a very special place to see. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to be special enough to have the place to yourself?  I would promise to be gone in an hour!

2 thoughts on “The lure of Giverny

  1. Beautiful photographs! You really do it justice. And what have you done with all the people?
    They’re usually lining up to be snapped on that bridge.

    1. It’s not easy. My technique involves a combination of giving them the stink-eye and waiting patiently for a break between lumbering groups of American tourists. Sometimes it works.

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