D-Day plus one

It is a gorgeous day in Brittany. That made some of the places we visited today seem even more ominous.

We climbed over several shore line points today for spectacular views of the coast. The fine view of the Atlantic at Cap de la Chèvre also appealed to the Germans, who erected several bunkers here to keep an eye on threats from the west. How strange to stand here on such a lovely day and think of German soldiers on alert with guns trained at the sea. Little stone memorials are being piled in front of those ugly hunks of concrete. Then there is a monument representing the wing of an aircraft dedicated to those of the French Naval Airforce killed or lost at sea. To see the monument fully, you must descend into the space, which gives a shivery sense of going down into an abyss.

We also went to the Pointe de Penhir, on of the headlands of the Presqu’ile de Crozon. The monument here is to the Bretons of the Free French Forces, looking out into the ocean. Very rocky, very windy, and very stirring.

To enjoy the present, we lunched in the lovely beach town of Margat, where the fish comes right in from the local boats. Fabulous.

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