And then, Rennes

We are getting deeper into Brittany, and arrived today at its capital, Rennes. This is a very modern city, that has been reborn several times, but luckily many of its medieval buildings did not perish in the fire of 1720. The fire was attributed to a drunken and identified stable hand – may his descendants bury their heads in shame.

Though comparisons are odious, I couldn’t help missing what I thought was the charm of Nantes. But never mind. This is a city that has a modern life, yet still integrates the past nicely. It’s the high tech center of France, so we have a great wi-fi connection today. Hooray!

In terms of food, we are in the land of the crèpe, and we had one for each course today, along with a very fruity rosè, followed by the standard drink here, cider. We decided afterwards that it must be a very hard cider, as walking after lunch was a bit more difficult than usual. Will have to do more research on that.

We loved the medieval remnants and admired the government buildings. (We especially admired the precision with which the gardeners were laying out the summer displays.) Yes, somehow it all works together.

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