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We were almost in Spain! Today we visited Bagnères-de-Luchon, an extremely charming town which has a wonderful view of the Pyrénées. Another ancient city, it has been known for its thermal springs for millennia.

The town was visited by both Pompey and Tiberius in Roman times. Pompey had evidently just finished founding Pamplona in Spain, and was in need of a little rest break. He is said to have found the town quite pleasing, and so did we.

It has a winter skiing season and a summer season, so we arrived – as planned – at a quiet moment. We strolled through the town, looked at the bath building and then had a nice lunch. In case you can’t tell, that is a brochette of beef dangling over my plate.

The cuisine has changed over the past weeks from what we had been used to on the Côte d’Azur. Julius Caesar divided Gaul into three parts, but the part inhabited by the Celts now known as France is divided into four groups based on the essential ingredient of their cooking. We have come from the land of olive oil, and are now in the land of duck fat. In the north, we will experience the land of butter, and in the east, cream. Anyone have a problem with any of those? If so, you must be a cardiologist. In that case, remember the healthful properties of red wine and relax.

It was a short touring day with more driving than usual. But this afternoon, we have reached a major destination of our trip. Stay tuned for some drama tomorrow. And if you have any need for special prayers, this is the time to send us a note. (Hint, hint.)

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