Following the Via Domitia

We spent the night in the town of Montpellier, which has zero Roman connections, and which we left early this morning for market day in the town of Narbonne, which definitely has Rome in its blood. The Greeks may have started it in the 5th century BC, but it was the Romans whose mark we see today.

Narbonne was located on the Via Domitia, the first Roman road in Gaul, built at the time of the foundation of the colony, and connecting Italy to Spain. (Amazing to see a part of the road still remaining.) Like Nîmes, it served as a resort community for Julius Caesar’s officers – think Florida – as he wanted them to be comfortable, far from Rome, with rebellion out their minds. Good planning.

It has a market building that is exceptionally lovely, but the contents are just as fabulous as every other market we have visited in France. It just makes us so jealous. But we admired everything, nonetheless and then went off to tour the town and have a lovely lunch. Chinese food!!! You know, even French food pales after a while. Today was a nice jolt to the taste buds. In case you are wondering, no fortune cookies – just a stick of gum. It’s the thought that counts.

This afternoon, we travelled to Carcassonne, where we are spending the night. This place is so special that it will get its own post tomorrow (when it is hoped we will have a faster internet speed.) Tonight, we are just admiring the view from our balcony, to give you a taste….

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