Where did the day go?

I do remember where we went, even though most of the day has already blurred into a feeling of deep contentment. Ah yes, we visited the towns of Carpentras and Vaison la Romaine. and both were lovely. They each have Celtic/Roman roots and idyllic settings.

It was market day in Carpentras and as we have a kitchen one more night, we got some fresh strawberries and a melon. Oh, and some cheese, and some bread, and some wine, of course. Amazing how time passed while we admired every stall’s lovely produce and – to us – exotic goods.

Biggest purchase was a chapeau for Don. You may remember the fedora of the Midwest, which didn’t make the cut when we were packing. The vendeuse and I agreed that it makes him look très distingué, non? A great hat for planning our next moves.

Our next stop, Vaison la Romaine, was notable for a wonderful lunch. (The Roquefort sauce on my pork filet was astonishing.) Sorry to focus on the food, but it was a day of intense sunshine and warmth, that made lunch a long and lingering affair, helped, of course, by the wine. It is so easy to consider a fabulous midday meal the centerpiece of the day, and the afternoon only fit for minor activities. We did stroll down by the river, look up at the medieval part of the town from our older section, and gazed at some more Roman ruins.

And that, my friends, was that. We drove back to our sweet little house near Cabannes, and started thinking about packing up. Tomorrow we move onward! Too bad we won’t be around to cast our votes for Miss Vaison-la-Romaine.



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