Finally, we need raincoats

This news will sure please those tired of seeing the sun in France as a seemingly everyday occurrence. Today we woke up to rain, which came and went intermittently till we got home – naturally.

We did not stress ourselves today. After all, even tourists need to slow down on occasion. So we only visited two towns. The first, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, had a wonderful market, whose origin as a Sunday event began in 1596. The vendors are packed up to either side of the church, even while Mass is being said. (Note the cute French Boy Scouts selling baked goods to the exiting parishioners. Now that’s how you get the ladies to stop.)

This city drew heavily on the Sorgue River, which powered the still-working water wheels in town.

Then we were on to the town of Roussillon, known for its ochre deposits, which were first industrially produced here. Man has been fond of the colors of ochre for millions of years, and here they learned the techniques of mass production, which lasted until the scientists took over and did it all in labs. The whole town is perched on a hilltop (see top picture) and wearing its trademark colors. Really sweet little place where we had a lovely Sunday lunch – duck breast!

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  1. I am loving my daily dose of your wonderful blog. I guess you need a little rain in order for the locals to grow that beautiful produce you photograph so well.

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