Tuesday in Toulon

As cities go, Toulon ranks as a real one, where people actually live and work on things other than tourism, yachting and selling luxury brands. So we did some real life things today too, most notably finding a laundromat and getting clean underwear. The life of a tourist has its gritty side, you know. The other accomplishment was finding a parking place on the street and getting our car into it. Oh, for a Mini-Cooper! (But then, where would we put the luggage?)

We wanted to get out on the water, so next – clean underwear safely in the trunk – we took a boat tour of the Toulon harbor, which was hotly contested for many centuries. It was nice and calm today. We saw the home of the French naval fleet, but sadly, no cute French sailors were around. The trip also featured a German cruise ship, a Turkish freighter, the Corsica ferry, and many old defenses which various occupying forces used to keep out the next invaders. A lovely day (the 14th in a row, but who’s counting?) for a boat ride.

Then, we took our usual stroll through the city’s market, the old town and on to a likely restaurant in a lovely square for lunch. As Tuesdays go, this one was quite acceptable.

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