A great way to spend a Monday

There is something wonderful about a Monday that is all yours to enjoy, without any claims on your time or attention, but just there to consume. How rare is that? 

Today is such a Monday in Nice. And not just for us – for everyone who is celebrating the Easter Monday national holiday. It is another gorgeous day, cool enough for a sweater, but warm enough to go sun bathing.

We strolled in both the old and new parts of the city, enjoying the antiques market that took the place of the flowers today. So many lovely things – thank goodness our luggage restrictions limit our consumption – though I did manage to find room for two more English horn-handle knives for our set. We needed them!

Evidently the traditional Easter Monday meal is an omelette – though we seemed to be the only one with that guidebook. But they were lovely and fit the day.

All in all, a day made for a carousel, and one that may even begin to heal my long-term aversion to the first day of the week….

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