All that glitters…

I will concede that there are few places in the world where it would not be advantageous to be rich. But in Hong Kong, it seems like it would be extra sweet. Every possible luxury brand one could name has at least ten locations conveniently sprinkled wherever the monied gather. No need hunting for a Louis Vuitton shop when the mood strikes! Or Prada or Ermenegildo Zegna.

And then there’s the real estate issue. We haven’t been up to the Peak yet, but the southern coast of Hong Kong was pretty dazzling. Amazing views of Repulse Bay and Stanley Harbour are available to those lucky enough to afford them. Gorgeous beaches abound, and every cliff has a brand-new high rise perched to take advantage of the vista.

We loved our plebeian bus tour, and also got some views of how the 99% live, which is not too pretty, judging from crumbling concrete and the laundry conditions evident in many windows. Surely there is something in the middle, but it’s not too clear where those folks reside.

And have I mentioned the construction? It’s hard to take a picture without shooting a crane or the ever-present bamboo scaffolding, so today I gave up and went with the prevailing state of new building. If only they would replace some of the old and crumbling. I generally favor preservation, but many of these apartment blocks are crimes against any known architectural aesthetic.

We had lunch at a great Cantonese restaurant and spent the evening touring the Temple Street night market. Not too much was tempting, but it was fun to look at. (Selfie sticks, anyone?) All in all, a good day in Hong Kong.



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