Days of the Iguana

As Don spent our trip reading a new biography of Tennessee Williams, it seems fitting to categorize our ten days in Cancun as lazy-lizard time. Yes, we totally vegged out at a lovely hotel with a gorgeous beach, and found it very difficult to do much beside lie on a chaise and soak in the rays. No work, no cold, no snow. Heaven.

As most people headed for a day at the beach, we generally had the adult pool to ourselves, and loved every minute of swimming and lounging. There’s just nothing like sun and water to erase some of the stresses of life. Memories of sub-zero New York weather? Gone. Cell phone? In the room. Computer? Turned off. And that was just fine with us.

We did manage to stir ourselves enough to head into one of the shopping areas for an afternoon. The most interesting store was what our concierge called “the Walmart of Mexico.” Walmart should be so nice. Heck, if only we had a grocery store this good in our neighborhood in New York.  We marveled at the sushi bar, the wine tasting kiosk, the lovely fruits and veggies and the general opulence of this chain. Look – all the prices are digital – which makes them easy to change. Yep, everything’s up-to-date in Cancun. It’s wonderful to think that there is a thriving economy in this town. You don’t feel guilty being a tourist here.

The food was spectacular too. Fresh fish was perfectly cooked and served everywhere we went. And there were some wonderful specialties, like curried lobster and shrimp in a coconut, and avocado risotto served with scallops. Top marks for the cuisine and the service.

Coming back to more cold and snow in the city wasn’t all that bad. We have our tans to remind us of balmy days, and the calendar to remind us that spring is on the way.



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  1. Trust me – the resemblance is very superficial, and only there if you squint. You are obviously suffering from advanced snow blindness, my friend.

  2. Just returned from Cancun yesterday. The weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful and the people so friendly. Wonderful time.

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