Where the music began and architecture still reigns

Yes, today, had a distinctly musical theme.  Right next door to Clear Lake IA is the town of Mason City, where someone magical was born. Yes, we speak of Meredith Wilson, whose “Music Man” stirred the hearts of many of us who ever played in a band or even a school orchestra during certain decades of the last century.  Who has not thrilled to Seventy-Six Trombones?” If not, are you dead?

No, we couldn’t miss the birthplace of this great man, and though its museum was closed, we paid homage to his childhood home. Isn’t it perfect? This town was really River City!

But wait – there’s more to Mason City!

Believe it or not, this is also a Frank Lloyd Wright shrine. Can you believe we found Mr. Wright here too? And with not one, but two buildings – the City National Bank, and what is now called the Historic Park Inn Hotel, both opened in 1910. The hotel has been restored and reopened in 2011 and it is the last of the hotels he designed still standing.  Just take a look at how lovely it is:

And then there is the bank, which adjoins the hotel, and some features around the square that honor his work. But best of all, a bronze of Frank himself stands across the street on the town square, forever admiring his work, mow lovingly restored and preserved.

Now this is one sweet little Iowa town with a very sophisticated palate!

2 thoughts on “Where the music began and architecture still reigns

  1. Don’t you find the most magical places? I take back my earlier comment about firing your tour manager. He’s redeemed himself with this one.
    On Lloyd Wright themes….I know you’ve been wondering if all Welsh houses are built on FLW lines. Of course they are. On every hill you’ll find a Taliesin.

    1. Wow! We can’t wait to go there and see the prairies that must have been in Frank’s blood! Now we are more eager than ever to visit Wales.

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