And then there’s weird Wisconsin…

These nice normal Midwesterners have their kicky side, too.

You  do remember Larry the Logroller from Wabeno, Wisconsin, right?  Well, we started the day visiting his smaller brother, Muffler Man, who I think should be called Dan the Muffler Man of Oshkosh WI. At any rate, he got the short end of the stick on the vitamins when they were growing up, but he was still impressive.

Then it was on to something really exciting, also in Oshkosh. We visited  what is evidently the world-famous M. Schettl Sales company.  If you are redoing a kitchen or bath and want to look at row after row of cabinetry, do come here. And if you are also in the market for a statue of Atlas, Attila the Hun or any number of animals wild or domestic to go into your new space, look no further.  Crazy place!!!

But there’s more, as we continued walking on the wild side of Wisconsin. We reached the town of Fond du Lac, which I am sure is notably for many things. But the reason we stopped there was to see the actual saloon where Carrie Nation went berserk and created the movement that ultimately spawned the Mafia, through Prohibition.  (At least that’s my view.) It is still there, in a very cute little town.

Lunch was also in Fond du Lac, at a great old landmark restaurant where the old lady customers carefully wrap the rolls up and take them home. Just to celebrate, we indulged in tuna fish casserole – which you just can’t get everywhere – and their version of fried chicken. As usual, this was captured mid-meal. You have to love their version of fromage et charcuterie…

Then it was on to West Bend, where we wanted to see the West Bend/Regal small appliance museum, commemorating everything they made there.  Closed on Mondays, sad to say….

Our destination till Thursday is Milwaukee, which so far seems just like a mini-Chicago. Stay tuned for details tomorrow, but enjoy this view from our hotel windows!

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