From the Great Plains to the Great Lakes

We hit water today – big water.  It was a beautiful day in Minneapolis, and the good weather continued north to Duluth, where we got our first sight of Lake Superior. Lots of folks were out on the waterfront, and in what they call the Canal Park.

The city icon here is the Aerial Lift Bridge, which operates like an elevator when a ship is passing through the canal. Very exciting to watch it glide up and down. The park also has lots of shops and restaurants in re-purposed factories, and it seems extremely popular. Smoked fish products, anyone?

We strolled a few stores, passed on birch bark canoes and Indian crafts, though we did see some more Minnesota pipestone, along with a frog purse I decided just wouldn’t work in New York, and a late-blooming rose.

Next we did a driving tour of the houses above Superior Avenue, which abuts the lake.  The streets go up steep hills from the waterfront, and we could tell that this must have once been a very commanding and wealthy town.  Just look at the former high school and you’ll see what good use they put red sandstone to around here.

Yesterday was a very full day, so this is now an afternoon of rest and laundry, with swimming to come later. Minnesota can wear you out!



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  1. I wonder why there is no flag on the pole in front of the old school building. The building looks well kept as though it has been put to another use. I hope it has. What a great looking building. Good shot of it too Jo.

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