Basecamp: Denver

We are once more at the epicenter of our trips – a mile high up in Denver.  This is our fourth time at the same hotel, and I can now finish the stories of the concierge and the waiter before they can.  Guess it’s time to move on!  But it was great having this as a base, with our car in the good care of a friend.  It was great to see her last night and to reclaim our faithful vehicle and its contents left behind from the last leg of our trip.  Now, where did we put that supply of underwear….

Just a few notes on Denver before we get ready for our departure to parts north tomorrow.  Like so many cities, Denver has gone the suburban mall route with its downtown. It works as well as any of them do, but there are some different things you notice, in addition to some lovely old buildings.

I don’t know whether they are homeless people or vagrants, but there are a large number of folks who seem to fit those categories around.  That may be a funny observation coming from a New Yorker, but you really don’t see the same number of people holding cups and cardboard signs in Manhattan.  Guiliani hid them all somewhere.

There is also something delightful on the 16th Street Mall – pianos on every block.  Yes, you can just sit down and play the piano as the mood strikes you, and many do.  It’s very sweet – called a combination art and music installation, and the pianos are here for the summer.  (In case you are wondering, there are people – the Blue Squad – who run out and cover them up when it rains.)

It was gorgeous weather yesterday when we arrive, and even lovelier today.  Our hotel has a pool that gives you a great sense of space combined with an interesting perspective on the skyline – all shown against a lovely cloudless sky. Yes, I am trying to perfect my video skills.

Okay, it’s noisy from the traffic below, but in the distance at the end, you can see those Rockies!  Not bad.

Fingers are crossed we get this lucky with weather as we start to move.

4 thoughts on “Basecamp: Denver

    1. Look closely and you’ll realize he is wearing ever-so-chic flesh colored slacks. This is a fashion trend not to be emulated.

  1. I guess Don passed up the chance to play one of the pianos. I know he can play but no picture. Watch out for those funny brownies while you are in legal land. So glad you are back on the road again. Now I can get my nightly dose of blog again.

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