That perennial favorite

Yes, campers, the moment has come to reveal what we have been looking at in about 90 hotel rooms in the West.

It’s definitely a light news day, so it’s time to share more of what we are experiencing when not on the road. The gallery some of you have been anxiously awaiting: our new collection of Hotel Art.

Some pieces may be familiar.  Some may just seem completely banal.  Others are not so bad.  A few are very sad. And there were actually a few I wanted to put into the suitcase. Here they are (highlights only), for your viewing pleasure.

Stunning, eh?  But what we hated the most was a new insidious type of hotel decor that must be stopped before it spreads any further. I understand it is rampant on cruise lines and other fancy places, but let’s hope it doesn’t migrate further into the mainstream world in which we live.

I am speaking of Towel Art – and thank goodness it was limited to the more effete population centers on our travels.  No spottings since California, for which we were very grateful. What can we do to curb this trend?  Travel is stressful enough without encountering these things in the bathroom.

So that’s the art news for the day.  As an antidote, please support your local museums and finer galleries!

4 thoughts on “That perennial favorite

  1. There’s a whole other tour here in hotel art. But I can’t distinguish between banal and sad? And what about hotel lamps? I think there must be a whole “outtake” collection here worth cataloguing!

  2. Well, some of that ‘art’ is just so ordinary. But a few pieces couldn’t even reach that level. And that was sad.

    In our next trip, I might catalog my personal tirade against desk chairs that make me feel like Edith Ann. Most places I have to put two pillows on the chair in order to get my arms up to the keyboard. But you’re right – an entire outtake collection entitled “What were they thinking?” or “Really? Really???” could contain many of the frustrations that plague us in hotel rooms. Will give it strong consideration.

  3. At the top of your “oh no” list is probably tubs with no privacy. And then there are reading lamps with 40 watt bulbs or occasionally no bulb at all. The list goes on.

    1. You are so right – we’re just not into that jacuzzi-in-the-bedroom thing.But hoteliers are always so proud when they can offer that. And if there is not a reading lamp on both sides of the bed, well then, we just have to rearrange the furniture. We’ll save the discussion of plugs for another day…

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