Home, home on the range…

Today we had time for only one event, and it was a good one. We visited the National Bison Range, acres and acres of the most gorgeous scenery yet.  We took a 19-mile drive through the preserve and actually did see some bison (to give them their proper name). There was a stuffed one in the Visitors’ Center and a live herd on the plains. Evidently, there are times that none are in sight, so we were lucky. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to leave the car, so not a lot of variety in what I could capture from my window.  But we saw them!!! And get a load of the antlers that the rangers just find on the range.  (No animals were harmed in the making of that pile….)

We had one mule deer up close and personal, however missed the antelope that supposedly graze here too.  But that didn’t stop us from singing the song up and down the mountain – with all the windows and the roof open yet!  That might have scared the antelope, now that I think of it.

But what was most thrilling were the views and vistas.  Most stunning in all our Western travels, and here’s hoping I did them some justice.

We had lunch in the town of Polson, on the southern shore of Flathead Lake.  This lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States,  more then 300 feet deep, extends north and south some 28 miles and is seven to 15 miles wide.

Can’t get the full impact from Betty’s Diner, but it was a spectacular drive around the lake to Kalispell, where we are staying the night, poised for our visit to Glacier National Park tomorrow. More snow and ice!

4 thoughts on “Home, home on the range…

  1. Poor Oregon! I guess it’s dropped to — what, #3 or #4? At least Montana seems to have taken some of the wind out of your sails. Hope you’re getting some rest. It is spectacular! Now you know why Ted & Jane moved out there.

    1. We knew you would say that. So we were already discussing the nuances of both states and decided each is fantastic in its own way. Oregon has more variety and you get a greater sense of intimacy with nature there. Montana has jaw-dropping views that are incredibly spectacular. But I fear it also does have a lot of Teds and Janes, so doubt we will be moving here any time soon. Relax on the chauvinism. (And don’t tell our friends in Seattle, but I thought Washington State was to-die-for on a previous visit…and then I saw Oregon.) So there.

  2. I think it says a lot about our country, that picking the best scenery is completely impossible! You are seeing the most wonderful vistas–natural and otherwise–and you’ve inspired me to jump in the car with Danger Man and get some eye-fulls. (If I don’t make it out alive, it’s all your fault!!)

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