Sunny in Seattle

We are not making this up.  The weather for our visit to Seattle has been spectacular, so we have concluded that people must be exaggerating this rain thing.

Our day yesterday was spent in the city, mostly exploring Pike Place Market.  Everyone knows this iconic location, which is vibrant and full of tourist life, as well as real people buying their fish, veggies and flowers.  And gorgeous choices they have…

After a nice fish lunch at Emmett Watson’s (forgot to shot before the oysters were devoured), we strolled the neighborhood and saw the alley underneath the market, along with the famous gum wall – yucky. Then we were lucky enough to find a crumpet shop, where odd and delectable things like lemon curd/ricotta or Stilton and orange marmalade (together) on a nice toasted crumpet.  Yum!

Our next stop was the Olympic Sculpture Park, which was right on the Sound and full of treats.  It was a great juxtaposition of sun, water, skyline and art, and even included the first HQ.

All in all, a lovely day, which ended at Salty’s – a water-side restaurant that gave us a great view of the city we had just toured.  (And yes, I once again forgot to photograph the food for Valerie.) A perfect Monday.

2 thoughts on “Sunny in Seattle

  1. There’s no place like Seattle, especially on a clear day when you are surrounded by mountains. Love your pictures. Glad you had a beautiful day!

  2. I love peonies. The colors are spectacular. I wish I had that deep red in my garden. Mine are pink and white and all bloomed out until next year.

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