Big-boned, but so well-proportioned!

I am determined not to stoop to any of the clichés that abound regarding Yosemite’s natural wonders.  Ansel Adams said it all with a camera, and there is absolutely nothing that I – or my own camera – can add to the existing body of evidence that this place is extraordinary.

Just a few tourist observations…

First of all, this place is enormous.  We only covered a part of it and that involved driving point-to point for 90 minutes, not counting the stops.  Park to go the visitors’ center, and then be prepared to hike for 15 minutes to actually get there. Think long distances.

Secondly, France must be totally empty this month with Australia, Germany and India half-empty. I have to get a picture of the CruiseAmerica RV’s we see everywhere.  Buy stock now, because everyone in Europe seems to dying to drive around America in one of these things.

Thirdly, it is really impossible to take it all in – even the small bit you have time to see.  If you walked into the woods and built a cabin like John Muir did, and stared at Yosemite Falls (both upper and lower falls) for two years, maybe it would all sink in.  But the scale is too massive to absorb in a day.

And that brings me to my title.

Nature is quite the decorator.  You realize that everything here is done in such perfect harmony of scale that you have to bow to a cosmic design.  El Capitan would look less majestic if the Ponderosa pines were only 60 feet high instead of 300.  It just wouldn’t work.

The rocks, the trees, the waterfalls – all done to a perfect proportion that your eyes goes to all the right places and is never jarred by a wrong note, a inadequate accessory.  There is no more to say, but here I will share my own attempt to capture the glory. Enjoy it all – the mountains, the various falls, the human element, the trees…


6 thoughts on “Big-boned, but so well-proportioned!

  1. I did not know that Lincoln was instrumental in preserving this magnificent place. YOU GO ABE!

    Great pictures, especially the one of the tree with the cars parked in the distance. Good perspective.

    1. Just as you were sending this, we were watching the first in the Ken Burn’s National Parks series, which happened to cover Yosemite! That was a thrill – and it is definitely worth watching.

      1. I watched that series the first time it was on. If he mentioned Abe I didn’t remember it. Sadly, that is not unusual for me these days.

        1. I always think I can rely on you for this kind of information, and then I end up telling you? This is not the way the world is supposed to work. I know I will forget this by next week, but not you!

  2. Speaking of forgetting…….. I e-mailed Don right after you were at the Hearst Castle and asked him if he remembered taking me to a taping (do they still tape?) of the Bill Marh show and Patty Hearst was one of his guests. This was many years ago. I know I was there and I am pretty sure Don was with me. Yes or no?

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