Six sides of California

It was wrenching to leave beautiful Santa Barbara this morning. The weather was perfect, and you just can’t fault any of the scenery.  But it was time to move on and see more of this massive state.  

Our first stop showed us the Scandinavian side of California.  Yes, some settlers from the old country who were wise enough not to stop in Minnesota found their way here to establish lovely Solvang, the closest you’ll get to Denmark, Sweden and Norway this side of the Mississippi. (They are all mixed together here, as who would know the difference?)  At any rate, we picked up some authentic Advent calendars for the next two years, and just had to sample the Danish pastries.  First rate!

So much for Scandinavia.  Next we combined Old West and Napa wine style in the town of Los Olivos – so that counts as our second and third dimension to the day. Too early to sample the goods, but not too early to have this town rank high on the cute-meter. Even the hummingbird stops here for some nectar.

What next, you ask?  Well, we had to hit the beach and find some surfer dudes.  And what better place to do that than Pismo Beach?  It’s yet another side to California, and just that much different from East Coast beach towns.

So that takes us up to four sides, and then it got really interesting. As we drove into San Luis Obispo – deemed by Oprah to the happiest town on earth – and turned into a gas station, we got broadsided by a young man in a pickup truck.  Soooo….fifth side.

Next, the sixth dimension.  And fortunately, that is the incredible efficiency of the San Luis Obispo police, AAA, Geico, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  Within about 90 minutes, our car had been towed to the body shop, we had new wheels, and the adjustor was scheduled to see the car. We hope that tomorrow repairs will begin and we can be on our way.  If all goes well, we will be able to go east for a while, see Yosemite, and come back for our car next week.

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