Rocky Mountain High

Okay, couldn’t resist that title.  Today was our day to drive in the Rockies and it was spectacular. The spring weather meant that the sun was quite warm, but in some places the wind and elevation made the weather a bit nippy.  The end result was that we saw some people wearing shorts and others wearing down jackets, knit caps and gloves.  We were right in between so we were just fine.

We left Denver in the morning and headed for our evening destination – Vail, taking a brief stop in Georgetown, an old mining town that promised views of Rocky Mountain sheep.  The trip to the sheep outlook wasn’t too long, but it was a detour.  We arrived at the viewing center and found telescopes pointing up the mountain. I was rather expecting a nice herd of sheep waiting to have their photos taken.  And no, we couldn’t find any sheep through the telescope, plus there was a freezing wind. But Georgetown Lake was beautiful, albeit solid ice.

So we went back to the entrance to I-70, and, just as we had almost reached the end of the ramp, there was a herd of sheep nibbling right next to the road.  Could we stop?  No – so those sheep missed their big photo opp.  Don’t they know where the viewing station is? Guess fame is just too boring to put up with.

This was not a big driving day, as we arrived in Vail Village just in time for lunch and a stroll around.  Wow. Such a lot of healthy, wealthy and undoubtedly wise people clomping around in their snow boots and chic gear.  The snow is still excellent, evidently, but these were end-of-season crowds.  Can’t imagine what it is like in January.

Just in case you haven’t ‘done’ Vail, here’s a little portfolio for your viewing enjoyment.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

    1. I was waiting for someone to ask me that. Actually, I am embarrassed to admit we never thought to look for the shops in Denver – at least I assume there are real shops. But you know how straight we are!

  1. The kids are asking for pictures of you two. : ) Don’t feel obligated— I put them to bed dodging questions left and right about your trip, the mountains and the wall cravings. Hopefully, they’ll forget by morning. Lol!

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