Give me some MOMA

It’s hard to believe we hadn’t been back since we returned from our trip, but we finally found our way to MOMA for a winter visit.  Though you could hardly call it empty, there were many fewer foreign tourists in evidence yesterday  than one sees and hears in the summer.  And who could blame them for staying home?  It is cold here!!!

We stuck to some of the special exhibits.  Being a little rusty on the modern front, we were somewhat less than awestruck by the huge display of work by German artist Isa Genzken.  Her many pokes at American materialism were a bit off-putting, given the number of times she seems to have returned to our shores.  Wonder if she bothered to take any souvenirs home.  At any rate, here is a sample of the show for your own judgement.

There was a wonderful film installation by Isaac Julien – Ten Thousand Waves, a very ethereal experience commemorating the drowning of 20 Chinese cockle pickers on the English shore.  You had to be there.

And then there was a Walker Evans and a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit – both with things familiar and new.

Other views and displays were there to capture our attention and focus our sense of beauty, including the winter landscape seen through the garden.

A lovely afternoon, punctuated with color and culminating in the always-exciting Design Store – especially attractive with an extra-special members’ discount for those lucky enough to be there yesterday.

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