What’s in your bowl?

Ah yes, the moment all of America has been waiting for.  The nation’s attention is focused on New York (and the part we claim that happens to be in New Jersey).  It is indeed the day of the annual Puppy Bowl!!!

Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the Puppy Bowl Experience, a sold-out hit at the Discovery Center in Times Square.  Fans were lined up in long queues, eagerly awaiting the 30-minute interval stamped on their cherished tickets.  And we were there.

Strolling through the Hall of Fame and the memorabilia that evoked the past nine seasons, we were positively choked up by images of players and chew toys past.  Let’s not forget the refs – and I haven’t even touched on the kittens and hedgehogs performing during half-time. Where is Trinka now, fondly remembered from Puppy Bowl VII? Ah, the heroes of yesterday.

And then there were the scrappy contenders of today, getting ready for today’s big game.  Oh my, there is some real talent there, and we can’t wait to see them all in action!  The tension was already in the air, yet the players were so generous with their valuable pre-game prep time. Class acts, all the way.  We had to snag a fan souvenir, just to keep the memory alive till next year.

For all those who couldn’t scalp a ticket to the Puppy Bowl Experience, there were some events along Broadway in honor of that other game, the Super Bowl.  The leftover Puppy Bowl fans had the consolation of seeing the Super Bowl trophy, going on a toboggan ride, and generally milling around in a huge crowd of people who didn’t plan ahead properly.

Though we finally had to escape to a side street (and look what we found at the end!) we milled with the best of them, content and smug in the knowledge that we had scored the big one this year.  You know where we’ll be later today, cheering on those fearless puppies who will show the rest of us what champions really look like.  Our hearts are full.



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