A Boulder state of mind

It was a lovely day here in Boulder.  While you couldn’t exactly say the sun was shining, it was bright and clear enough to see those wonderful mountains.

We had a work morning in the hotel, which included packing up our last two boxes to ship home.  Then Don went to a local yoga class and got all centered.  He was a new man when he picked me up at the mall.  Some classy stores in this town.

We lunched – I will really miss lunching – at The Kitchen, famed among foodies and as ‘Boulder’ as can be, as evidenced by the board on the wall.  The food and wine were superb, and we idled the time away, being the leisure class that we are for the next few days.

Then it was off to the post office – being very careful not to hit any of the bikers or transgress into any bike lanes – and a few more stores, getting home just before the sun sank below the mountains.

To earn our tourist badge for the day, we did try to find Mork and Mindy’s house, but it seems to have disappeared.  Does anyone out there know what I am talking about?  Sigh.

So only a few pictures today, but I do have some juicy gossip about our friends at Celestial Seasonings.  There is what I thought was a huge open field in front of their buildings.  Now I know that it is a prairie dog preserve.

Why is it a prairie dog preserve?  Well, first of all, because a lot of prairie dogs live there.  And they were living there in 1999 when someone caught Celestial Seasonings employees out in the field late at night trying to poison the little buggers.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!!

I was shocked too.  Well, after all the hoopla that ensued, CS promised to keep that land as a prairie dog preserve and respect their right to fulfilled and perhaps even gluten-free lives in Boulder. Actually, the very large Celestial Seasonings boycott may have been a major factor in their decision.

So you see, scratch the surface of this gentle peace-loving organic town, and you don’t know what you will find.  Cool, huh?

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