Dashing through the snow

It was a lovely winter day in Colorado.  We had snow all last night and most of the day, and I suddenly can imagine having the Christmas spirit.

There was really no hurry to leave early this morning and join the crowd of people having accidents at rush hour.  We puttered and dawdled (two sports at which we excel) until things seemed a little less treacherous.  Here is the before and after of our car, as I didn’t have much more to take pictures of today and I knew you would be interested.

We then drove to Colorado Springs, which took less than an hour, and headed to the famous Broadmoor Hotel for lunch.  This massive luxury complex was built in 1891, and it is completely gorgeous.  It has 11 restaurants, and the one we selected was just perfect.

Observe scenes of the lobby.  Who knew that Maxfield Parrish made it out here and then painted what he saw?  These paintings are magnificent, and not copies!  And have you ever seen a larger gingerbread house?  I tell you, this place does it right.

Legend has it that we would be awed by views of Pike’s Peak once we got to Colorado Springs.  However, all we could see was snow falling, so we may have to wait until tomorrow to test that theory.

So having all that snow, and a bit of time on our hands after lunch, we could not resist the nearby U.S. Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame.  Surprisingly, we had it all to ourselves – go figure (skate).

It contained many artifacts of people we didn’t know and their skimpy costumes.  We were amused to see that the ice skating team from our alma mater, Miami University, has had some claim to ice skating fame.  Another go know.

Once again we are cozy in our hotel room, looking at the snow, and enjoying our evening.  We are also watching Ken Burns’ The West on TV, through some magic Don does to connect the room’s equipment to our Netflix account.  Now that we are experts – and before we forget it all – we can report that they got it mostly right.

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