The banal side of travel

I’ve been saving this one up for a while, waiting for a time when we were locked in the room all day working on various things, including actual Work.  And this was such a day.

No tours, no abandoned forts, no scenery, no historic homes – no nothing today.  BUT, I do have a special treat for all of you who envy this lifestyle.

Imagine, if you will, what we have to look at when we get to our hotel room every night.

Yes, my friends, today’s topic is Hotel Art.

I use that term loosely, but understand it to mean that which is hanging on the walls of hotels with decorative intention. (At least we are going to assume the intentions were decorative.)

Some of it is not awful.  And some is actually quite tasteful. None of it prevented us from sleeping.

If I were more energetic, I would neatly categorize everything I have been saving up for you, and label my impressions.  But you know what?  I do not want to interfere with your own personal reactions to this particular genre, so here goes:  My own personal hotel art collection!

3 thoughts on “The banal side of travel

  1. This is hilarious, ingenious and So Jo. I love how present you are in the entire travel experience!

    Now: can we have a review of hotel amenities?? As in: show me your shampoo collection.

    1. We have a travel policy that states no amenities will be transported across state lines, unless they are spectacular. Therefore, we are only traveling with the goodies from the Venetian. I think all our other leftovers are being repackaged for the next visitors. However, what we have on offer tonight just might also make the cut. Stay tuned for photos!

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