We misplaced the Alamo

Yes, it is possible to stay in San Antonio in a hotel room overlooking the Alamo and still have to work hard to find it.  Amazing that it doesn’t have parking underneath, but more on that later.  110Suffice it to say that had the Mexicans under Santa Anna had to deal with the current multitudinous freeways and the one-way streets, history might have taken another turn, so to say.

We drove out of Galveston this morning and made the trek to San Antonio.  I didn’t realize I would have to drive to Houston again, and by now you have probably figured out that is not my favorite city to navigate.  Oh well, at least we got to pass through it and keep going.

It was in San Antonio that we saw our first cacti, and began to see hills rather than the flat prairie we’ve had so far.  It’s a city that clearly tries to make things attractive.  The freeway spans have lone stars on the support pillars, and there are often terracotta-colored bands on the huge overpasses.  Things are just that much prettier.  But this is a very sprawling city, and one can drive long distances getting around it.  We had a tasty lunch at a Mexican restaurant with quite a view, but why the New York Times sent us so many miles away to dine is also another story.

We started touring with the McNay Art Museum, which had been a private home and a private collection.  There was a special exhibit of period movie costumes that were just gorgeous, and you could see just how tiny actors like Keira Knightley, Amy Adams and Maggie Smith really are.  Costumes ranging from Phantom of the Opera to the recent Hamlet to every Henry James novel made into a movie to Pirates of the Caribbean was there.  Beautiful things.

The rest of the museum was also lovely, and the new part of the building had some great architectural features.  My favorite piece on the modern side is a full-size sculpture made entirely out of Cheez-Doodles.  Now that is what I call brilliant, and true art!

All in all, time well spent.

Once safely in downtown, we of course had to do the River Walk.  We were there tonight, and it was packed.  It’s very charming and very nicely landscaped.  Can’t wait to see it in the daylight.

4 thoughts on “We misplaced the Alamo

  1. I hear San Antonio is the bee’s knees–Austin, too. Houston? Not so much. I think it has something to do with all the Detroiters who went there in the mid-80’s looking for jobs. (Didja see any of them? They’re the ones holding up signs that say: This way to the G-D River!) I think Texas is an acquired taste, myself. Any part I haven’t been to, I don’t like. Any part I’ve been to, I like a lot. See? Acquired taste. You know us Detroiters . . .

  2. The last time I was in San Antonio I took a tour out into the country to visit an old Spanish mission. Can’t remember the name of it but it was worth the trip. Think about it.

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