Louisiana, here we come

Before we take you to Louisiana, just a word about the Great Mississippi Balloon Race.  As we were leaving Natchez this morning, the winds were suddenly propitious for the ballooners.  We were able to see them wafting away, but have no idea how on earth one races those things. 

We left Natchez – somehow able to avoid the doughnut shop – and headed to Louisiana.  Our first stop was in the lovely town of St. Francisville, a real charmer with loads of lovely period homes and oodles of intact plantation houses.

We chose to visit Rosedown, an immaculately restored home rescued in the 1950’s by a Texas heiress, after four generations of the original family had lived there.  Entering under the canopy of live oaks and Spanish moss fulfills a lot of Tara expectations, and we thought the interior was just perfect.  Notice the punkah, now that we all know what that is.  The gardens were also fully restored to their 1850 glory. Also admire the ornament fire screen, a family treasure needlepointed by relative-by-marriage, Martha Washington.

We next headed to Baton Rouge, where we visited the LSU Art Museum downtown.  (Too bad they lost to Ole Miss yesterday.)  They had some nice things, including some Newcomb pottery, always a favorite on Antiques Road Show.  Our tour through the city was quick.  It seems like another place where people wonder why they have so many parking lots and so few historic buildings and other attractions…

5 thoughts on “Louisiana, here we come

  1. So says the woman who is walking through every street in Venice? As fascinating as this is, it is mostly familiar stuff and we understand what we are seeing. We have the key to the code. Guess that’s why not everyone does their own country. But if you succumb to the tourist instinct, it takes on a new wonder. There were three Italians on our tour of Rosedown, and it was fun to see it through their eyes.

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