And now, for something entirely different

We hadn’t been to Vegas for a while, and they sure have been busy since our last visit.  Coming from the places we’ve been lately, it’s even easier to be awed by hotels larger than our last three towns put together.  It took a day not to be jarred by the crowds and the noise.

The Venetian is quite wonderful, if you can navigate the main floors.  We wished for our trusty GPS at times, but there’s nothing like the happy accident of suddenly being on the Grand Canal or in St. Mark’s Square.  And having dinner at Bouchon is pretty special.

Of course it’s as corny as all get-out, but boy, they do it extremely well.  As at Dollywood, you just give in to its excess and appreciate the accent it comes with.  The hen parties on the weekends must get awfully tiresome for the natives, but they seem to leave by Mondays, home to recuperate.

Tonight we are having dinner with friends in the Eiffel Tower, and tomorrow we return to Knoxville and the rest of our journey through the south.

It will be sad to leave our suite at the Venetian.  We have yet to be in a Holiday Inn Express where we have a remote control for the drapes.  And that’s something we’ve come to enjoy.  It’s such a hassle having to move those curtains manually…

But then again the curtains aren’t half so far away in most of the hotels we’ve been staying in, and so far none of our other living areas have been sunken, even when we have a suite. The bar has been raised!

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  1. This is enough to make me want to go back to Vegas. And really: I never thought anything would make me want to go back to Vegas. I love the treatment you’re getting! Can’t wait to hear how the conference goes. Details, please.

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