Art and nature

The Hunter Art Museum in Chattanooga has an old and a new side.  The old side was a mansion owned by a very clever man who went to Atlanta and talked the founder of Coca-Cola into selling the bottling rights to Coke, for which he paid the grand sum of $1.  The inventor thought he’d made an easy buck, because how the heck was that guy going to put tiny little bubbles in a bottle?  Well, the rest is history, with a mansion to prove that it all worked out just fine.

The modern side was clearly designed by a Frank Gehry disciple, but it does offer some breathtaking views.  The art is lovely too.

As part of our final moments in this energetic city, we went to the top of Lookout Mountain, which has an incredible view of the city.  It saw lots of Civil War action, but the Union ended up with control of the city for most of the war, which had a crippling effect on the South.  Now all is serene and peaceful, though maybe not forgotten…

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