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Not all art exhibits come in fancy buildings.  Yesterday we toured the home grounds of primitive artist Howard Finster, known as Paradise Gardens.  A preacher who retired and turned to art to spread the word of the Lord, Howard was a major force in outsider art, and was one of the most respected – and collected – artists of the last century.  Check your local museum to see what they might have of him.  He was also very influential, and fellow artists like Keith Haring often visited and left some of their own works behind.

You may also have collected his work, on album covers for REM and The Talking Heads.

The “gardens” are Howard’s own particular homage to the beauty of found objects.    If you ever get to Summerville, GA, visit this very special place.


4 thoughts on “Inside outsider art

  1. Not only is this in many guide books, it is a pilgrimage site for folk art lovers. Believe me, we aren’t pioneering new ground here. This is a trip that couldn’t happen without many reference books and GPS!

  2. I have loved all of your pictures of art thus far. I just can’t get into this one. I guess one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

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