Go Dawgs!!!

Oh come on, you know how crazy Don and I are for college football.  Well, it’s in the water here in Athens, Georgia, home of football-crazy University of Georgia.  Lovely town and a beautiful school.

Predictably, we started at the Art Museum, which has some very nice things.  Then we signed up for the campus tour, which is mostly given to the parents and students-to-be, who gaze longingly at this view of the next stage of their life.  We were, believe it or not, the only people from New York City, and the only ones not trailing a teenager.  We, however, were the celebrities.

Our guide Chandler did a great job of infecting us with fervor for the wonders of this school, which is indeed very impressive.  However, I must say that the accommodations are more spa-like than those I recall from my youth.  Oh well, guess there are certain demands on a school that runs about $40K a year and has to support a stadium that seats 97,000 – the largest college stadium in the country.

Later, we toured the town of Athens itself.  It’s a real college town, featuring a vast array of bars – but all very tastefully done.  We sampled the local beer to make sure it meets more experienced standards.  Well done, University of Georgia.  GO DAWGS!!!!!  Cream North Texas on Saturday!!!!!!!

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  1. While I do not doubt (for a moment) that ya’ll were the celebrities on the tour, I must challenge UGA’s claim to having the largest college stadium in the country. That honor goes to University of Michigan. As the U of M website states, and I quote: “The current seating capacity of the stadium is 107,501. As part of the renovations, 83 suites and 3,200 club seats will be added. When renovations are complete, the capacity of the “Big House” will top 108,000.” We ain’t talking peanuts here! Go Blue!

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