“Where do they put all the dirt?”

That was a question raised by one of our museum guides today.  She was a Yankee transplant, and, like us, could not believe how manicured and beautiful Charlotte is.  I guess being the country’s second largest financial center helps, as some of that money is clearly cascading into the city in terms of its architecture and style.  “Charlotte’s got a lot!” is their promotional slogan.  (Think about it.)  What they seem to have a lot of is money.

I guess the fierce competition in the old days between Wachovia and Bank of America/Nation’s Bank really helped form what they like to think of as the city of the future.  (Mike Bloomberg would love the way they got rid of the old buildings and fought to keep building the new.) And New York friends, we ladies would feel underdressed here.  Most all the women are in skirts and heels.  And the men clearly have a suit jacket back in the office while they are grabbing lunch.  A much more formal feel than midtown NYC.  Oh, but do remember to leave your weapons at home.

They have also got some great art museums.  The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is wonderful just for its building alone.  And the two locations of the Mint Museum were also awe-inspiring.  Enjoy just a sample.


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