Battles past and present

There is a lot of history in Greensboro, which saw an important Revolutionary War battle, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. This was a bloody battle, which the Americans, under General Green, actually lost.  However, in true American style, the outcome has been recast as a triumph of sorts – an important step toward the British surrender at Yorktown just seven months later, and a pyrrhic victory for General Cornwallis.  Family lore has my great great- as a drummer boy at Yorktown.  Really need to research that one day.

Closer to our own time, another important battle was fought in Greensboro, named of course for that same general, here pictured in bronze.  That was the battle begun in 1960 when four young black college students sat down at the Woolworth’s lunch counter here and asked to be served.  They never got that cup of coffee, but they did initiate the era of the sit-ins that eventually led to desegregation of that Woolworth’s and the abolition of the Jim Crow laws that had made “separate but equal” the law of the South.  Quite an important place, and a reminder that liberty for all did not arrive at the end of the Revolution.

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