Where next?

New York City never pales, but it’s almost time for us to start on a real adventure – three months on the road, exploring the wonders of the American South. Don has of course been mapping this trip for months, and we may need another car just for the guidebooks. After a whole summer spent getting our home ready for visitors (surely you heard about our flood?), we are now just about ready to start packing.

Packing? OMG – packing for three months. Well…let’s think of it more as a two-week trip, because there will be weekly laundry stops. Of course, in the middle of all this is a business trip to Las Vegas. Surely there is some humor in interrupting a vacation to take a business trip to LV, but that’s my story.

This weekend we take down the suitcases, have intense “discussions” about what is essential, do a final sweep around the apartment to make sure it’s presentable and ready for company, empty out the fridge, and then figure out how to eliminate some of the baggage. We are trying to keep in mind that very few people will see us more than once, and remember that there are actually stores outside of Manhattan. That combination of thoughts will inspire our editing process.

Wish us well…

5 thoughts on “Where next?

  1. There are three things you can be sure of:
    1. Indeed, clothing stores exist outside of Manhattan
    2. Everyone will completely adore staying in your apartment and feel so special to be there
    3. Pete and I wouldn’t last three days in a car together (let alone three months!!!)

    I love that you have started this blog so I can enjoy the trip with you!!!

  2. I’m living vicariously through you road trip and adventures already. What a treat to read your blog and get your insights. Have a safe journey and keep those postcards coming.

  3. Many moons ago I took a trip to Taiwan and ran into a very interesting elderly woman who was “backpacking” around Asia alone for 6 months. She was a hoot! After complaining about my own laundry issues she said that she only packed her least favorite clothes and then along the way left them in the various hotels that she stayed in. She said it forced her to get good use out of clothes she normally wouldn’t wear, while lightening her load as she traveled. It also gave her good reason to go shopping when she returned home. It’s a packing tip that I’ll never forget… Have a great time! Keep us updated and drive safely!

    1. I shall use it as my clarion call to 1st Year degree Acting students who don’t have not learned the literal meanig of Inegrity. Go know! bon voyage, both! June and alan

      1. Pity I can’t see the type as I write as the last one was full of spelling mistakes only realised when I sent it! OOps! x

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