Postcards from Paris

Paris, France. We started our day with a visit to the Breakfast in America diner, having read the book by the ambitious guy who decided that was what was missing in Paris. It’s quite amusing:

Was it the American dream of breakfast? We’ll be kind and say yes.

And then we split up. I jumped (using the word quite loosely) on a hop-on bus and began a long day of non-walking travel around Paris.

I was reminded of those of you whom we shared Paris with at various times. There was Liz and Bernard, Gail, Roger and Kathy – all at different times of the year and in different parts of the city. There was the first trip we took to Paris over 45 years ago, when even Don almost collapsed on top of Napoleon’s tomb from exhaustion. There were business trips and pleasure trips, and so so many baguettes.

For those of you who were here with us, those who have loved Paris despite not being with us, and those who long to visit under any conditions, here are postcards I am sending you to give you a reminder or a sense of this beautiful city.

Imagine each with a nice French stamp on it, delivered right to your door.


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  1. Thanks for the postcards. The pictures remind me of many lovely memories especially when traveling with ya’ll.

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