Sunday in the Park with Don

London, England. It was a gorgeous day today, and the sun made it seem so much warmer than the last week has been. It seemed like lots of people agreed, and we all convened in London’s Hyde Park for the afternoon.

But first, as we were crossing the road to get into the park at Lancaster Gate. a motorcycle policeman stopped us and we had to wait as a cavalcade of three cars passed, with another motorcycle. Who was in the center car? Why, it was Prince Charles himself! We thought he might be on his way to Kensington Palace to see the new baby, but it turns out that family has already moved to Frogmore, so he must have been on other business. Who knows?

It didn’t get in the way of our enjoyment of the gardens and the park. Everything was blooming or popping with green and the sky was sunny and blue. A perfect day.

We saw Kensington Palace, waved to Kate and William, and saw lots of lovely animals and garden moments on our way, including the famous green parakeets who call the London home.

And then there was the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which captivates the young and seems to hypnotize the rest of us.

And then there were various flora and fauna that altogether made it a peaceful and delightful place to be on a lovely London Sunday.

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