Mixed results

As can be seen in the “after” picture above, Don’s seven-day Ayurvedic rejuvenation program delivered some positive effects. Overall, he’s fairly pleased, but with some caveats.

After getting superior results from the pedicure and manicure treatments that returned his feet and hands to newborn status, he was hoping the face and hair treatment would take him back to age 25 instead of the 35 that the procedures actually delivered.

And while it was nice that all those oil and head massages over the last week added color to his hair, he was disappointed that it came in as a mousey blond/brown instead of the rich and shiny dark chestnut hair that so many admired when he was younger. These treatments also seem to have affected his eyes to make them look beady, albeit blue.

Don appreciated that some of his muscle tone was restored, but recognizes that no amount of exercising or Ayurvedic treatment could camouflage an aging body that now, as this picture shows, display narrow shoulders and a decided pigeon-chested profile compared to the broad-shouldered, deep-chested physique of his youth.

Don now thinks that if he had signed up for the 14-day program, as the property suggested, instead of trying to get fast results in only seven days, that he might have gotten the full results he wanted.

For me, however, as the week unfolded I started getting a whispered reputation among the other guests as that rich cougar flaunting her toy-boy.

Below you will find a different “after” photo from a parallel universe.

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